Android and IOS

Spin was created in one week with me doing the programming and art. A designer worked along side me to help refine the game. The game got very high ratings and people in the office were battling to get the best scores.

Angry Gran Run

Android, IOS, Windows Phone & RT, Amazon

AGR is the biggest game of the studio with over 50 million downloads and I was put in charge to work on regular monthly updates. I shipped over 10 updates which included work on levels, characters, features and plugins.

Farm All Day

Android, iOS and Windows

The project took 8 months to complete along side other smaller games. I was the only coder on the project and worked with a designer and artists. The game was created from scratch in unity and had a very large and complex codebase with a lot of data parsing.

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I was hired for a game programming role. I have worked on all the major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Amazon and Windows).

The programmers were working on native apps but we switched to unity. As I had more experience in unity than several of the other programmers, I supported and assisted them in learning Unity. I also worked in Cocos2Dx to create some small games.

I spent a lot of time profiling and optimizing unity games, on memory and performance. I got our games to run at 60fps on all devices including very low end mobile hardware.


> C# for Unity

> Java for Native Android

> Objective-C for Native iOS