My first time at coatsink I worked on Esper 2, a virtual reality physics game for Gear VR and Oculus Rift. I was responsible for many areas of the game including physics, profiling, game mechanics, bug fixing and lots of other areas. I worked alongside 5 programmers and a team of 20+ to create the game. I was asked for 2 weeks of the project to be lead programmer. The lead programmers went on holiday, so this allowed me to experience a different role and I enjoyed it a lot.

Lately I have been working on client projects for Raw Fury. I have made a serious VR training game for the HTC vive. I also ported games to new platforms such as gonner for the nintendo switch. This was a challenging port as it required huge optimizations and to work on a platform that was new and not many people have developed for. We were asked to go to Unite Europe because of the work with nintendo on the port.