Main Features

- Fast C++ Engine

- Simple, clean, consistent codebase, low dependencies

- Custom Open GL pipeline for 3D and 2D rendering

- Deferred renderer (support for custom shaders and post processing)

- SSAO, godrays and other post processing effects

- Particle Systems

- Custom 3D model format (supports static meshs only)

- 2D instancing, sprite sheet rendering and atlas rendering

- Node based hierarchy and component model (attach classes to nodes)

- Scene based loading of scenes

- Simple shadow support

- Abstracted rendering/world system with a render queue model

- Native Oculus DK2 Support (Both Direct Mode and Extended Mode)

VERSION 0.4 (3RD MAY 2015)


The engine is still under construction and a lot of features aren't complete. Many areas need a lot of work for cleaning up code, improving performance and general code usability.

The engine is my attempt at creating a C++ engine that I can use to create various desktop games only, without the extra memory of having to support other platforms.