I was contracted from coatsink to guest lecture at sunderland university to final year “Games Software Development” students. This was a full-time lecturing job one day a week, for 5 weeks. This module counted towards the final students overall course grade.

I rewrote the module in very little time to be better suited for professional game development. This involved writing 5 weeks of presentation slides and lab tutorials. Each week we had a practical exercise, using C++ concepts to learn different areas of games. Every week I taught one hour of C++ and then one hour covering a game subject. I adopted my eureka 3D engine for the module so we had a C++ base to work from.

This job was very demanding and challenging. It offered me a chance to learn something new and to gain better experience of talking and teaching. I had a lot of fun teaching the students and a lot of them were very happy with my teaching styles. It was a great chance for the students to meet industry people.

Week Content

C++ Concepts, Graphics (Shaders), Cross Platform on PS4, Simple Physics, State Machine AI and Socket Networking.